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If you haven’t read the about me thingy you’ll be intrigued to know that I am Northern Irish. I say, Northern, because if I said Irish people get a little touchy.

Anyway being N.Irish I celebrate St Patricks Day. I have no connection or knowledge of Mr Saint Patrick however for my family, friends and I it’s a great excuse for a piss up aka a trip to a pub in Belfast. My boyfriend, not from NI, was visiting so he tagged along too!

After lining our stomachs with an ever famous Belfast Boojum we hit The Dirty Onion.


  1. If you have never had a Boojum, you have NOT lived. Check it out, please, you can thank me later.
My Burrito

2. If you go to The Dirty Onion on St Pats expect there to be an amazing atmosphere and that it will be packed!

The Dirty Onion, Belfast

Here are some pictures from the day:

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With Love, Kristyn

cya soon!

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