LASTEST TREND: Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

IF you haven't noticed it's SUMMER and along with getting your tan on point it's becoming more common to invest in semi permanent lashes!

IF you haven’t noticed it’s SUMMER and along with getting your tan on point it’s becoming more common to invest in semi permanent lashes!

I mean who doesn’t want beautiful fluttery eye lashes?


SO with that in mind and with my growing curiosity about eyelash extensions, I found Fran the eyelash queen!

My new Cashmere lashes! LOVE THEM<3

Fran is a soon to be 21 year old, with the patience of a saint, who can within the space of 45/60 minutes transform your lashes! She’s based in Norton which is just outside Middlesbrough!


The lashes range in sizes and it’s mostly up to you how thick or long you have them. They are stunning and can look extremely natural as they blend with your natural lashes!!

Fran took a professional eyelash extension course and has a HUGE following on her Facebook and Instagram page that displays her unreal portfolio of work!

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 15.01.47
Close up of my lashes!

She glues individuals onto each lash. (See what I mean about the patience comment.) Then when she’s done, gives you a little eyelash brush and care leaflet!

PS I noticed she will not let you leave until they are perfect and you are completely happy with your new look!

I paid £25 for a full set which took Fran an hour! Tbh I think that’s a steal!

ANYWAY her lashes are to die for!

I have linked her social media pages throughout the post!

GO check her out for yourself!


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Love from,

Kristyn x

2 comments on “LASTEST TREND: Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

  1. Beccy Kiernan

    £25 thats such a good price. How long do they last?

    Beccy |

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kristyn Higginson

      I know right? For high quality lashes normally they cost £30+! She’s a young girl who works from home mostly!


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